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Red is Hyuna!

happiest belated birthday to my absolute favorite maknae kkwonso ♥

Hello! First of all I want to say sorry if this has any typos, my first languaje is spanish and I don’t speak english very well… OK, so what I want to say is THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart to EVERYONE that follows me.

I wanted to say that I really love this place, is the only place where I can distract from my normal day to have some fune with photoshop (Even if my posts are shit like the title of my blog says). So I love this, and I love YOU.

I was making a post with every single name in my follower list but it was reeeeally long and I had it only in the middle of the process and photoshop crashed T_T, I’m sorry if I can’t tag you, but IF YOU ARE READING THIS AND YOU FOLLOW ME, YOU’RE REALLY SPECIAL AND IMPORTANT FOR ME.

This is my third time trying to post this btw, hahahaha, so here is a list with my favorite followers ♥:
taebabys kpopgirl-bj  furikaete bap-tist parklunatic xhyunnie hyunwoo-pl theonlymagicistillbelieveislove uzeung theshadowlights thehunffs imjinaholic jeonyul hwangchansungs beastloren yougnjun seouldier bgarnetgirl troublemakers-chemistry kidjin corrnish raebalri dorkyshidae kpoprocksmysocks narixxgurl millithefangirl seizure  ohgwangsuks yrkxm lovekimnari dancingtees nuabopanda shiiaaron songraehwa fyeah-kimhyuna soshing jooyoungz jeonjiyoons americankpopkrazy jiyong4ever jeosychi onlyone-starlight feelbean lehjonczie its4minute 4minuteu

So thank you all, I love you ♥.